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Female colleague         – Do you pack lunch from home?

Me                                   – Yeah I get my own lunch

Female colleague         – Oh is it not difficult to do kitchen work when you have a full-time job?

Me                                 – It is actually not that difficult. My husband and I manage the kitchen quite well

Colleague (in amazement) – Oh wow! He also cooks?

Moral of the story – An adult man in the kitchen is always cause for amazement


There is a girl at office that is being laid off. Originally when she came in for an interview, she came as a 2-D artist which is her forté. Interviewed by a bunch of junior and inexperienced members, she was recruited and assigned to the design team where she had to work on all online and offline creative requirements (which she had no idea of). Not happy with her performance, they decided to fire her.

So, sometimes if you are let go of, it is a reflection on the lack of organization at your work place more than your individual capacity. – Adult/ Mature content – Pornography

How do I start explaining to people now?